Thursday, December 13, 2012

Secret blinking

I was with a girl I used to like and also with my girlfriend.

They was a secret organization searching for some supernatural people by testing their blood for unusually high PH because of a virus. The virus initially gave you a fever and also infected trees, completely destroying them. A year after the infection you completely recovered and acquired that heightened PH in your blood.

At the stairs of the Syntagma square there was a shop that various sellers were selling their stuff. I was looking at the colors of their stuff from above in my minimap. The receptionist of the secret organization remembered me because I had bought a strange backgammon set with colors and she wanted to play with me. I had bought the backgammon for my girlfriend but we hadn't played yet and I still hadn't unwrapped it. I was wearing heavy clothing even though it was summer.

I had also been infected by that virus. A year after my infection I got visited by members of this organization which took me with them. They tested me but, strangely, nothing weird comes up regarding my PH. In the meantime they executed anyone causing trouble for them in a pretty much standard way: they took the trouble-maker in a room, they closed the doors and one of the older members shot him.

Even though I didn't have the special PH, they kept me in the organization and even bought me a very rare comic (the first volume of Spiderman specifically) but someone tried to tear it and I got angry at him. In the end I managed to take it back but the organization didn't like my behavior during the incident so while I was putting my comic back at its place two people grabbed me by my arms gently trying to drag me into a room (obviously to kill me).

While they were pushing me into the "kill" room the receptionist asked for my name. I was feeling lost and I didn't answer. One of the guys that were dragging me looked at her like he wanted to tell her "Why are you asking? There is no need to record anything, he will soon be dead". She said "Oh never mind, it's OK". The room they took me in had eight people in it, all there, ready to execute me. They closed the door behind me.

I had already realized that I have full control over the world, so I said "Whatever, I'll just kill them all and do what the fuck I want". I didn't have anything to kill them with so I started blinking, each blink demolishing more parts of the room. In the end nothing remained, the ceiling had fallen, squashing everyone in the room and the door had opened. Everything was silent.

Suddenly a scientist appeared almost out of nowhere. He starts yelling at me "What do you think you have accomplished here, you destroyed everything. Look at all this mess". I grab his wrist and try to show to him that he shouldn't shout out me because he stands no chance and that I don't even know how he survived my wrath. He starts threatening that he will kill me and draws a knife. I start squishing his wrist, which feels like play-doh, between my index finger and my thumb till I had almost cut off his hand off. The scientist keeps trying to kill me while I keep trying to somehow neutralize him without killing him. I try to reason with him telling him that they were trying to destroy my comic book. I didn't kill him.

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