Monday, December 24, 2012

Fighting a barcode

A friend of mine was working with children with Down syndrome and he told me that I might have that syndrome and that I should be tested for that and another similar disease. It turned out that the test results were positive.


Someone was chasing me and my girlfriend. We hid in my grandma's bedroom. We got into the room because we found some people in mussels that were trying to fight and we were investigating who did this to them. I told my girlfriend that our pursuers will soon reach us and that we should lock the door and call someone to help us. I picked up the phone and started dialing. I then grabbed the door and tried to shut it but at the same time someone was coming behind that door and tries to keep it open. We were both pulling the door, each to his side. I was also trying to pull the door upwards, the door got our of it's frame and started getting slowly pulled upwards into the air while we still struggled. I turned to my girlfriend who, up until now was panicking, but she now looked drunk and was laughing on her own. I turned back to the door and now I could see who was behind the door pulling it. It wasn't a man, it was a huge barcode, something like Missingno but black and white. I tried to escape from this reality by slapping myself which partially worked.

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